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Chiropractic Care

Some of the things patients come to see us for are; neck, back, and hip pain, epicondylitis, knees and feet, headaches and migraines, health and wellness, and athletic and biomechanical assessment.

Chiropractic care is unique because we are the most qualified health practitioners in assessing and detecting areas of decreased motion, or segmental joint restrictions throughout your spine. Similar to how a dentist will check your teeth for inflamed degenerating cavities, we check your spine for spinal cavities. A spine that is not moving properly can never send the required healthy sensory information to your nerves and brain. Instead these restricted areas result in inflammation, pain, further decreased range of motion and stress signals to your nervous system.

Chiropractic aims at restoring these areas of segmental joint dysfunction and degeneration with spinal adjustments, postural assessments and exercise. This allows for proper sensory input to be sent to you brain.

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FACT: Chiropractic is the safest, most evidence-based, most effective and most cost effective choice for spinal health care.


What is an Adjustment?

Once your chiropractor has thoroughly assessed your spine for segmental joint dysfunctions or "spinal cavities" and ruled out any serious pathologies they will likely preform an adjustment.

The adjustment aims at restoring motion to those inflamed, stuck joints. This occurs with a high velocity, LOW force thrust that gaps the joints and restores its range of motion. During the adjustment you will likely hear "pop" or "crack", this sound is actually called a cavitation. A cavitation occurs due to a pressure change and subsequent release of gas. Once motion is restored it allows for three things;

  1. Healthy sensory information sent to your nervous system

  2. Relaxation of surrounding musculature

  3. Decreased pain and stress signals

What else do we do?

Becoming a healthier you doesn't have to be complicated. Let us filter all the excess  information out there with what is proven to work.

Whenever you are trying to address any health concerns, aches and pains and achieve optimal health, all areas of your lifestyle need to looked at.

Our history involves asking questions about diet, exercise and mental health to identify any areas, along with your spine that need some extra love! We are extensively trained in identifying and addressing lifestyle factors, with the most evidence based protocols. 

We promote a proactive approach to your healthcare. Reactive care (medication, surgeries etc.) is ineffective and expensive when used to address issues caused by lifestyle and environmental factors.


One of the most neglected, but easiest things to implement when trying to get healthier or recover from an injury are essential vitamins.

Do you want to know why essential vitamins are essential for health?

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"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease of infirmity"

- World Health Organization

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